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jeez, im not sure if i have anything to say. I havent written anything for over an effing year....jeez...

well, i guess i should start with stuff. i had had an internship late in november until april this year, not much in between except classes to catch up, and i had my finals just after ramadhan rolled in. 

theres not much to write about, i'm still drawing but its a bit hard to get back into it since i havent drawn much over the years hopefully soon i'll be back just like before :)
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procrastinatingArtist - Art handle
knotworkZeno - Zane
kinologicalZeno - Zania



Oh jeez... I haven't updated this thing in a while... I'm totally not dead by the by, I've just been stupidly busy with shite like college and stuff, now I'm doing my internship at a hotel and I have even less time to do things unless I decide to sacrifice my sleep to play games at night (=-= ) which is sorta worth it cause I got DragonAge Inquisition recently... hehe..

Edit: As of right now, it is about...16 minutes until midnight and also the new year, so I'm using this opportunity to say Happy New Years to all of you guys, regardless of whether anyone is even still reading this or even care (=-= ), still, it's the new years and we'll be facing new stuff for another round of 356 days of shit. (im not entirely sure i have the right number for how many days in a year...)


Hmm.... How does someone get out a slump? It's been months since I've submitted anything worthwhile... To think, while taking a break between classes, I could do something like sketch a few pieces like I keep telling myself to, but instead I play a few random games and fall asleep until dinner time. College has been exhausting and just really draining on doesn't help that I may not have much time when I'm done with this semester before I start my internship in November.

Well, here's me hoping things go well until I graduate....hopefully.


It's around 2300 by the time I'm typing this, and months since I last wrote anything in here.
There's not much to say, the only news I have to talk about was that I saved up more than enough to finally by for myself the Limited Edition Legend of Zelda Wii U bundle last month, woo~

I finished the Wind Waker HD as well as Skyward Sword (i had to buy the wiimote seperately), it was incredibly fun.

Aside from that, I'm currently still on break from college because class doesn't start until next month, by then I'll be stupidly busy.

Lastly, I guess I want to say have a good ramadhan for any fellow muslims, here's hoping everyone will do good and whatnot until Aidilfitri.

ps. I literally just bought myself Bravely Default 


Oh jeez, I haven't updated this journal in four months.

Ergh, damn college distracting me. I haven't really done much these past few months, what with classes and other things. Stress seems to be piling up again but that's always there... Art-wise, I haven't done much except a few sketches here and there, nothing that I don't think is worth posting up here.

Not much else to say, I saw the new Captain America a couple weeks ago, started my new semester a week before that, I've got nothing else.


It's been a couple of weeks since my last update... I've tried to get to drawing but, I just..lose the will everytime I do.

Usually, back a couple years ago, I would draw a lot. I would draw when I'm angry, when I'm sad, when I'm bored, taken that my art wasn't the best when I'm emotional (not that its any better when I'm not angry or anything..) but it was still drawings that I'm proud off.

When I started college, things got really frustrating, and when I get back to my dorm room, I would spend hours just drawing. Drawing to get the stress off of my chest and out of my mind. I get to draw what I want to draw and be happy for a couple of hours, but nowadays...For some reason, I just..don't have it in me to draw much anymore. I still do want to draw, but it's like...When I look at what I'm trying to draw, all I see is bad art and I just..lose my will to draw. I try to rationalize it by thinking that maybe because I'm too relaxed with how my life is now with my new college being less stressful, or that I'm just overly distracted with things online like tumblr or youtube. 

I just don't get how I lost the drive for it... 

Happy new years everyone! And hopefully it'll be a good and memorable one.

Suffice to say, 2013 hasn't been a very good year for me,  but then again when has it even been a good year for me? But it had it's ups and downs and hardships to go through and new people to meet and a lot of stuff to learn.

Getting into a new college has been rightfully confusing and difficult with being especially apprehensive about the other students considering what happened at my last college....but the new guys seems nice enough! and hopefully I'll get to finish my diploma in culinary arts smoothly. :3

Now as it is, I've run out of things to type about, maybe tomorrow I'll post more so goodnight for now. Goodnight everyone and have a good new year!

p.s. -i dont really have any new years resolution but hopefully this year i'll be able to draw more instead of just saying that i'll draw more :\

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